2015-16 Molly Appeal for Cardiovascular Research

This year's Molly Appeal is dedicated to heart research
at Dalhousie Medical School in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

We all have a story of the heart - either our own or someone's close to us.

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Heart disease comes in many forms—some we are born with, some we develop over many years, and some strike us suddenly with little or no warning. These conditions affect us all, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or geography.

The good news is, research is already saving lives and improving quality of life for people with heart disease. Yet there is still a long way to go. We need better diagnostics and safer, more effective ways to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease—especially here in the Maritimes.

Please give generously to this year's Molly Appeal,
to improve quality of life and support better care
for the sake of all of our hearts.

Faces of Molly 2015-16

Dr. Karen Bedard hunts for the genes behind a deadly disease of the heart

Dr. Keith Brunt develops practical solutions to heart disease problems

Dr. Ansar Hassan tests pre- and post-op approaches to minimizing surgery risks

Dr. Greg Hirsch paves way to better decisions and outcomes of cardiac surgery

Dr. Susan Howlett seeks to keep men's and women's hearts strong as they age

Dr. Petra Kienesberger sheds light on fat-driven weakening of heart-muscle cells

Dr. Jean-François Légaré explores blood pressure related heart failure

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial seeks to reduce cardiovascular risk factors in youth

Dr. Kishore Pasumarthi explores new territory in cardiac regeneration

Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil studies role of nutrients in cardiac health and diabetic heart disease

Dr. Alex Quinn seeks mechanical solutions to electrical problems in the heart

Dr. Robert Rose works to prevent age- and frailty-related arrhythmias

Dr. John Sapp fine-tunes treatments for dangerous heart rhythms

Meet more of our Cardiovascular researchers.

Did You Know?

The Molly Appeal focus alternates on a rotating basis each year for the four key areas of research emphasis and excellence at Dalhousie Medical School: Cardiovascular, Immunology, Cancer and Neuroscience.

Learn about the many research initiatives happening in the Maritimes at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by visiting our Faces of Molly section.